Don’t Be A Programmer

I get a lot of questions about programming but I don’t think they’re the right questions to ask questions like:

  • how many languages do I need to learn
  • what language do I need to learn to get company X
  • what’s the difference between A and B and which makes more money
  • what are the exact steps I need to take to become Z
  • what kind of program should I write to build up my resume

the people who are asking these questions they are learning how to program just for the sake of learning how to program.

but programming is just a tool.

being a programmer for me means you write code to automate things or to make things perform certain actions

for example programming a refrigerator to turn on the light when you open the door

when you think about it, programming is actually kind of boring, you’re just giving a series of instructions to a machine over and over again until you get it right.

I don’t want to speak for all of you but I think if the pay wasn’t great I don’t think a lot of you would spend hours and hours every night in front of yor computer trying to learn how to code or to just debug your program.

sometimes we get caught up learning languages or doing coding challenges or fantasizing about you know working for these big tech companies that we forget why we wanted to learn programming in the first place you wanted to program because you saw the amazing things that can be built using programming so don’t just learn how to program build something that matters build something that means build something that solves a problem, you’re a problem-solver a creator an innovator you’re not a programmer.

programming is just a tool in your arsenal to build something amazing you can be analytical creative empathetic and programming allows you to express those qualities of yourself but programming in of itself is nothing special it’s like a pencil it can mark stuff down if you press on the pen so hard enough that’s it.

but with a pencil you can write novels draw beautiful portraits build plans for a skyscraper or anything eliminated only by your imagination.

you don’t learn how to program to get into Google, you learn how to program to build something meaningful, something that help real people with real problems.

Don’t be a programmer, be a problem solver.